Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Malaysia & Flowers

Flowers are associated with festivals, and we use them on occasions like weddings, Christmas, valentines, birthdays but there is not a particular flower which is used for every occasion. It’s the season which decided the type of flower to use on that fastidious occasion. For example, most people want to see seasonal flowers on weddings, which are a very economical option as well. The other important factor is the person who chooses flowers, in simple words flowers show the persona of the person. However, some colors and flowers still associated with particular day or occasion like on a friendship day yellow flower is used and on Easter, white roses and Calla Lily are used. However, there are no hard-and-fast rules on selecting the flower, many people do not follow traditions, and they choose non-traditional flowers for the occasion.

Malaysia is a very important country in South-East Asia, which progressed rapidly in past few decades. The national flower of Malaysia is “Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis” which is locally known as “Bunga Raya." Many local residents send flowers in Malaysia to their family and friends on special occasions. As the flower is thought be a fine gift, many people use different flowers as a gift to show their affection to them. Local florists are the biggest way to acquire flowers but many internationally known florists are also operated in Malaysia. The online florists are expanding their business in Malaysia but only some florists of such a type are fine with their services, and is one of them. The has international recognition and operates in several countries. Probably, that is the reason why many people trust on them.

There are a huge number of Malaysian resident’s lives in other countries due to their work, and most of the people use online florists to send flowers to Malaysia for their family members. These florists make life easy for many people because now they don’t need to visit the florists physically and purchase the flowers then send to their family back home. In these days, they have the freedom to choose flowers of their own choice and directly send to their loved ones. Moreover, some florists also offer same-day delivery too.

Malaysian people have a good choice in flowers, and they exercise this on special occasions like most of the people around the world. The demand of flowers is always on the rise, and many send flower to Malaysia from other countries to meet this demand.

Flowers have a fine impact on the psychological behavior of the people. It’s proven that on receiving flowers, people often express their joy with a true smile, and a sad mood can be changed into an excellent frame of mind. Another study shows that women are more consistent with fine mood on receiving flowers than men, and they can continue to maintain their good mood for three days. Flowers are immense important in every culture, country and even religions too. Most of the people like seasonal and fresh flowers so that is the reason why you hardly see any non-seasonal flowers in marriage ceremonies.